Wali ul Asr is a federal, non-profit organization that was registered in October 2007, opening its doors to students in September 2008.

Wali ul Asr is a federally registered non-profit organization and the largest Shia Muslim school outside of the Muslim countries. We are focused on developing students that excel spiritually, academically and in terms of their personality development. By the grace of Allah, Wali ul Asr graduates have been accepted to top programs at University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, McMaster University and many others.

We are expanding our team of very talented, committed and dedicated staff members. Please note that, although having a teaching certification is a major consideration, it is not the only criteria for selection at Wali ul Asr. We look at each candidate holistically to determine their suitability for the position and will take qualification, experience, passion, personality, commitment, knowledge, creativity and other factors into account.

Our children are our future, and we cannot forfeit them to the media, society or the majority where they will get merged and lost. If the idea of propagating the mission of Imam Husyan (AS) through the development of young Muslims — shaping them into the helpers of our Holy Prophet’s (SAW) grandson (ATFS) Insha Allah — appeals to you, then please apply below.

Labbaika Ya Wali al Asr (ATFS)!

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