Wali ul Asr is a federal, non-profit organization that was registered in October 2007, opening its doors to students in September 2008.

Wali ul Asr Youth Services

Wali ul Asr Youth Services [WAYS] is a youth-focused organization working diligently towards the academic and spiritual excellence of our next generation. WAYS is a group within Wali ul Asr that focuses on providing avenues of personality development and excellence to our youth.

“Wali Family Sports & Career Day” is one of the events organized by WAYS. It is a huge success among both elders and youth of the community. The event is a day filled with sports and career guidance. It caters to family members as they get the thrill and fun of a day filled with sports and also help and guidance with choosing future paths and what different career choices offer. Careers and life paths including medicine, dentistry, management, accounting, engineering, homemaking, Hawza studies and many more are discussed. It is a fun filled and informative day for the whole family. It also provides an opportunity to network, have fun and learn.

Wali Educational Development Program

Wali Educational Development Program (WEDP) is comprised of a group of talented and committed volunteers. The program consists of various committees led by exceptional individuals who are very well-accomplished in their respective professions and have joined hands for this noble cause.

The assistance, support and participation of some of the best and the brightest community members as volunteers is one of the most valuable assets for Wali ul Asr. These volunteers provide great ideas and countless hours of dedicated service to Wali ul Asr which allows us to maintain an affordable cost structure and ensures that Wali ul Asr services are available to all community members irrespective of their financial standing.

The WEDP’s Charter includes all fundraising activities and also includes the school’s marketing campaigns, as well as hosting Tableegh events for the community at large.

Wali Professional Network

The Wali Professional Network [WPN] hosts Professionals Network Dinners. The events are attended by individuals belonging to various professions; including Shia doctors, engineers, professors, lawyers, researchers, entrepreneurs, IT professionals and scholars.The goal of this unique event is to build a strong community of professionals that can work together to benefit each other. The objectives of such events are:

  • To encourage collaboration between Shia professionals and enabling individuals belonging to the same field to network with each other.
  • Organize sessions to guide our youth in terms of their academic choices and work on making programmatic mentoring and skills development programs.
  • Formulate a strategy to programmatically help our youth find the best career opportunities.
  • Provide an opportunity to network, learn, enjoy and grow spiritually and professionally.
  • Provide positive role models that teach our youth that they do not have to, and should not, compromise on religious values for worldly success.

Times of Wali

Times of Wali is one of the many platforms in which community youth are given the opportunity to develop their journalistic aptitude. It is an informative quarterly magazine that comprises of interviews with Aalims, focuses on current issues, poetry and other articles of interest contributed by talented individuals of the school and community. It is an interesting read among the youth and adults alike.

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